We could not be more honored that you’ve chosen Children of Fallen Patriots as your charity of choice to fundraise for.

George and Quin Fundraiser.jpg

Quin Daly and George Lathrop, two inspiring 13-year old boys, fundraised to support Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation while making history! They became the youngest competitors to complete the Head of the Charles Regatta. 

Step 1: Deciding where you want your funds to go.

 Donate to Where the
Need is Greatest

Children of Fallen Patriots estimates that after federal assistance, an average scholar needs approximately $8,000 per year to cover the gap in living expenses. Donate to this fund and “cohort” your money, restricting your money to scholarships and living expenses, but giving Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation the ability to grant your money in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Pick a Branch

Children of Fallen Patriots understands that supporting the children of a fallen comrade can bring more meaning to your gift. We, therefore, would like to give the give opportunity to give first priority to a current grantee of the branch of military of your choosing, with the understanding that if we do not have a scholar in school that needs the money during that fiscal year, we will reallocate the funds to other students in need.

 Assist Ongoing Institutional Capacity

Children of Fallen Patriots, like any organization, prides itself on providing donors with the highest quality financial stewardship and transparency. Recognizing that all organizations require administrative funding, we welcome assistance to cover the day to day operations of our organization.

Step 2: download our Fundraising Kit.

This Kit will guide you through coming up with a fundraising idea and make it come to life.

When you sign up to host an event the following will be included:

  • Listing on Fundraising Events Calendar

  • Posting on Fallen Patriots Facebook page

  • Printable events materials

  • Custom event page and registration on website

  • Ability to accept donations for your event

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Don’t forget to say “Thank you!”

Whenever someone donates to Children of Fallen Patriots through your page, we’ll update your fundraising status and notify you by email. Even though we’ll send a thank you and tax letter, don’t forget to send a personal message of thanks for supporting your cause!